US President Donald Trump signed a decree on Friday banning the popular video app TikTok in the United States within 45 days. Because TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, is a Chinese company, Trump fears the app will share information from US users with China.

Trump announced last week that he would ban TikTok. "As for TikTok: there will be a ban in the US. It will apply practically immediately," Trump told reporters at the time.

TikTok has been under attack in the US for a long time. Mike Pompeo, United States Secretary of State, announced last month that he was considering a ban because he said the app is sharing information with the Chinese government.

Pompeo fears that the Chinese government will spy on American citizens in this way and store their private data. There is no evidence that TikTok passes data to China.

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80 million active users per month

TikTok is very popular in the United States. According to Reuters news agency, the video app has about 80 million monthly active users there. Last week, TikTok announced it would set up a $ 200 million fund to pay creators in the US for content on the platform.

Microsoft has expressed an interest in TikTok, which will allow the tech giant to get its hands on a potential competitor of Instagram (part of Facebook) and Snapchat.

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