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Bukhan River area, a search was conducted yesterday (6th) for missing persons in a ship accident in the Uiam Dam in Chuncheon. One person was found dead yesterday, and five are still missing, so let's connect to a reporter.

Reporter Shin Gun G1, please tell us the current situation.


I am now at the Gyeonggang Bridge in Chuncheon, where the Headquarters was established.

Here, the police and the fire department are busy looking for missing people.

Five hours have passed since the search was resumed, but no further rescue news has been heard.

The accident happened, but one day passed.

In order to search for missing persons, the amount of discharge at the Soyang River Dam was reduced by 25% compared to the previous one, but it is still difficult to search because the flow rate is fast and there is a slight mist.

Five people are still missing.

Today, in cooperation with neighboring areas such as Seoul and Gyeonggi, we are planning to carry out extensive search activities from Uiam Dam to Haengju Bridge in Seoul.

First, we plan to inject about 1,400 people, including police, firefighting, and civil servants, and mobilize more than 100 equipment such as helicopters and boats.

Mayor Lee Jae-soo and Chuncheon Mayor met the family after buying a countermeasure headquarters this morning.

Mayor Chuncheon promised to continue his search until he found the last one.

However, the missing family and family members said they could not believe the police investigation and the incidents that had been disclosed so far, and demanded that CCTV and the recording of the incident be made public.

The accident occurred yesterday when the police ships trying to fix artificial plants and the administrative ships of Chuncheon City Hall sank around 11 am.

Eight have been drowned, two have been rescued so far, and one has been found dead 13km from the accident.