The greetings of high-ranking prosecutor-level prosecutors were announced. Central Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon was retained, and the primary prosecutor Lee Jung-hyun, who led Channel A investigation, was promoted to prosecutor.

The reporter of the prosecution will be delivered by reporter Won Jong-jin.

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Ministry of Justice announced the greetings of 26 high-ranking prosecutors at the prosecutor's office today (7th).

Seoul Central District Attorney Lee Seong-yoon was retained, and Prosecutor Cho Nam-gwan, who served as chief secretary of the office, was appointed as Deputy Attorney General, the second prosecutor's office.

Six people were promoted to the prosecutor's office, called the flower of the prosecutor's office.

Even during the four-month investigation, the alleged conspiracy of prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, the key to the alleged'adoption of prosecution', was not disclosed to the indictment.

Shin Seong-sik, the 3rd Deputy Director of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, was also promoted to the prosecutor's office at this time and became the chief of anti-corruption.

As a woman, Prosecutor Ko Kyung-sun of Seoul Western Prosecutor's Office was promoted to become the fourth female prosecutor of all time.

In addition, prosecutor Shim Jae-cheol, who was known to have expressed his opinion of the former prosecutor's prosecution, was prosecuted by a prosecutor at the Sanggat house earlier this year and was appointed to the Attorney General's Office of the Ministry of Justice, which oversees prosecutors.

The Ministry of Justice said that the fair and balanced greetings were given in consideration of the region and school of origin, and that the procedure for listening to the opinions of the Attorney General prescribed by law was also transparent.