It rained again in the metropolitan area overnight. Most of all, I am worried that the river level has risen a lot, so I will connect with a reporter on the Han River Diving Bridge to find out the situation.

Reporter Sang-Min Kim, there is a lot of water on the diving bridge, but the Han River Bridge was issued a flood advisory?


Yes, the river is blowing at a high speed during the night, and only the branches are visible here.

The level of the diving bridge that continues to be in control for the fifth day has reached 11.2m, which is more than twice the pedestrian traffic limit of 5.5m.

About an hour ago, a flood warning was issued around the Han River Bridge, about 3.5 km downstream.

The Hangang Flood Control Center said it was proactively announced that the water level in the Han River Bridge will exceed 8.5m, the advisory line since 12:00.

It has been nine years since July 2011 that flood notices have been issued on the main stream of the Han River.

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flood advisory is issued, you mean that the water level in the Han River can go up?


Yes, the Soyanggang Dam, the top of the Bukhan River, opened the gates in three years, and the upstream dams are increasing the amount of discharge in a chain.

In addition, the Namhan River Chungju Dam continues to be discharged, but the Paldang Dam, which flows water from the Namhan River and the Bukhan River, directly affects the downstream water level, and has no flood control function, so it keeps 12 of the 15 gates open.

At present, the Paldang Dam Burirang has exceeded 18,000 tons per second, and the water level may rise further as the water flows down the Han River.

Currently, 18 rivers, including Hongjecheon, Dobongcheon, and Dorimcheon are controlled, and from 5:50 am, flood warnings have been issued around the Daegok Bridge in Tancheon, Seoul.

Be careful not only the residents of Songpa-gu, Gangnam-gu, but also all the residents of the river.