Google announced that it closed more than 2,500 channels from its YouTube platform during the period from April to June, as part of an ongoing investigation into "coordinated impact operations linked to China."

The company's threat analysis group announced that it had suspended 186 channels in April, 1098 channels in May and 1,312 channels in June.

"These channels often downloaded spam and non-political content," the company said of accounts suspended in April and May. But a small subgroup published primarily political content in the Chinese language, similar to the findings in the recent Gravica report, including content related to the US response to Covid-19.

She added that the group of channels, which were suspended in June, also included "content related to protests against racial justice in the United States." This campaign is consistent with similar results reported by (Twitter).

In June, Twitter said it had deleted more than 20,000 primary accounts linked to Chinese advertising and 150,000 "inflated" accounts that were working to boost the core network's content. Items spread through republishing tweets and likes are said to have served the Chinese government. The content included information on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and the Coruna virus.