Two days ago, justice lawmaker Ho-jeong Ryu attended the plenary session of the National Assembly in one-piece dress and became a hot topic.

However, it is said that the dresses worn on this day are already sold out online.

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On the 4th, two days ago, Ryu wore a pink dress as you can see, and attended the plenary session of the National Assembly.

If you look around, it looks a lot different from the clothes of existing lawmakers, mostly dark suits.

There were opinions that were "not suitable for the place" online, and it became a hot topic with various reactions such as "What do you care for clothes to work?"

However, as Ryu's outfit became a hot topic, interest in the information of the products Ryu wore on this day also increased.

The dress worn on this day is a product of the domestic young casual brand and is said to be a dress of 80,000 won.

However, most of them are out of stock and only different colors remain, so suddenly, interest in this dress is growing, and demand is greater than supply.

On the other hand, Ryu went to the National Assembly Hall today (6th) in jeans and sneakers as you see now.

The netizens who saw it said, "What is this feeling that you want to buy because you don't think about it? Out of stock?" It showed back reaction.