Gwangju Civil Society Organization strongly criticized Chonnam National University for dismissing a female employee who reported that a senior was forced to be molested.

Researcher A reported to the Human Rights Center in Korea on December 26 of last year that he was sexually harassed by Section B at the year-end party of the Chonnam National University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group. However, it was controversial that the Human Rights Center and the Industry-Academia Cooperation Disciplinary Committee had dismissed Mr. A's claim as a'false statement'.

Today (6th), 11 civic groups such as the Gwangju Jeonnam Women's Association and Chonnam National University Social Issues Research Group held a press conference and said, "Jeonnam University has seriously inflicted serious sexual harassment incidents on victims' false statements and false reports." "The Jeonnam University Human Rights Center did not properly analyze CCTV footage at the time of the crime and did not seek expert advice," he said.

In the CCTV video of the karaoke room where the incident occurred, the section B showed that Mr. A pressed his shoulder to avoid the seat and sat down in the chair while pulling his hand and shouldering. There was also a scene where section B touched Mr. A's face and Mr. A shed tears and went out into the hall.

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However, in the investigation, the Human Rights Center in Chonnam National University decided that Mr. A should be disciplined by looking at the '4x video' submitted by Director B instead of the original CCTV video and saying, "I couldn't find any scene claiming to have been molested." The Human Rights Center's request for disciplinary action against Mr. A went to the disciplinary committee of the Industry-University Cooperation Group after the approval of President Byung-Seok Chung of Chonnam National University, where Mr. A's decision to dismiss was made.

C trainee C, who was with karaoke at the time, also testified to support Mr. A's claim, but was suspended for three months and was canceled.

"The Human Rights Center once again trampled on the human rights of victims who came to ensure human rights," civic groups said. "The name itself is colorless." The disciplinary committee of the Industry-University Cooperation Group also pointed out that "the act of dismissing a victim was an unfavorable treatment for workers who reported sexual harassment in the workplace and was a violation of Article 14, paragraph 6 of the Equal Employment Act."

“The Jeonnam University, which is the only national university in the region, should be an example to the community. We need to conduct a thorough investigation, and reorganize the human rights center system, such as preparing human rights guidelines and practical manuals."

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