The SpaceX 'Starship rocket prototype first jumped to a height of 150 meters. After launch, it landed back on the platform in the U.S. state of Texas.

The test rocket was launched from a platform in Boca Chica on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday at 1.57 am Dutch time. She jumped and landed on the floor after forty seconds.

The test rocket resembles a grain silo and had one Raptor rocket motor on board. That's the new powerful SpaceX rocket motor. Six of these types of rocket engines must be installed on the final Starship.

The Starship is designed to fly on SpaceX's massive Super Heavy rocket. It is also powered by Raptor missiles, thirty in total. With this, people must eventually be taken to the moon and to Mars.

The rocket did not complete flight, but 'only' jumped. With this, the controlled launch and landing is tested.


Watch the first test flight of Starship prototype

Previous attempts failed

Many previous attempts to test Starship prototypes went wrong. In the past year, four prototypes were lost before taking off, including an explosion. Wednesday morning was the first time a larger prototype took off and landed.

In August, SpaceX managed to launch a small prototype: the Starhopper. That vehicle also came 150 meters high and then landed on the platform again.