Ninja, the pseudonym of the popular streamer Richard Tyler Blevins, will be back on Twitch for the first time in over a year on Wednesday. On August 1, 2019, Blevins announced that it would immediately switch to Mixer, a competitive streaming service from Microsoft from which the company has now pulled the plug.

Since the end of Mixer, Ninja has been free to choose a platform for its videos. Blevins mainly plays the popular shooting game Fortnite in his streams . The video maker usually attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Shortly after the end of Ninja's return to Twitch, the counter of the nearly two-hour video reached over 6,500 views. The last video that Blevins uploaded a year ago managed to reach 1.4 million viewers in total.

Ninja also made its YouTube debut on July 8, with a Fortnite video that has been viewed four million times. Blevins enjoys an audience of 24 million subscribers there, a lot more than the 14.9 million at its former permanent home base Twitch.

Ninja makes his money by combining things like selling products and deals with companies. In January, Fortnite maker Epic Games made a Ninja-style outfit available as a clothing choice for players.