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Imjin River, which flows from North Korea, is also rapidly rising. Flood warnings were issued in the border area and evacuation orders were issued to the residents downstream of the Imjin River. Our reporter is out on site.

Reporter Deok-Hyun Kim, of course, the most important is safety while covering not only the residents, but where is the reporter?


Yes, our reporter was in the vicinity of the Gunnam Dam on the Imjin River an hour ago, and as the dam level rose rapidly, we evacuated to the outskirts.

The Gunnam Dam currently opens all 13 gates and discharges 13,000 tons of water per second.

As the inflow of the North Korea's Hwanggang Dam upstream has increased significantly, the water level at the Gunnam Dam is currently about 40m, leaving only 5m at the full water level.

The level of Pilseung Bridge at the northernmost point of the Imjin River continues to change to the highest level at about 13m, which is a figure that surpassed the 12m level of cautionary measures in response to crisis.

The Ministry of Unification said that the level of the Pilseung Bridge has risen more than 5 meters in two nights, and government officials explained that the heavy river rains in North Korea seemed to have opened the gates.


I am concerned about the safety of the downstream residents because I open the dam door and keep flowing down the water.


Yes, the water level in all sections of the Imjin River is rising due to the continued heavy rain and the aftermath of the release of the Hwanggang Dam.

The water from Gunnam Dam arrives at Biryongdaegyo Bridge in Paju about an hour later, and the flood level was lowered at 4:30pm as the level of the Biryongdaegyo Bridge rises rapidly, exceeding 10m.

A disaster message was sent to residents of six towns, including Gunnam-myeon, downstream of the Imjin River, to evacuate to a safe place.

It rained a lot in the Hantan River area, and the Hantan River Sarangyo Bridge has been flood warning since 6:10 pm due to the rapid rise in water level.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Jeon Min-kyu)