India has tacitly banned more apps from China, three sources report. Apps from Chinese tech giant Baidu - also known as 'the Google of China' - and smartphone maker Xiaomi are no longer accessible. It is unclear how many apps have been affected.

India announced at the end of June that 59 Chinese apps had been banned for privacy risks and "sovereignty and security" reasons. According to sources, dozens of clones of the apps received the same treatment in the following weeks.

The measure is seen as retaliation after flaring conflicts at the border between the two countries. In June, for the first time in more than 40 years, people died in a confrontation in the disputed border area.

In contrast to the 59 previously banned apps, including TikTok from the Chinese company ByteDance, the decision regarding the new measure has not yet been made public. Among the banned apps are a browser app from Xiaomi and search apps from Baidu.

For Xiaomi, India is one of the largest markets for its smartphones. According to Hong Kong-based market analyst Counterpoint, the company has 90 million users in India. Xiaomi pre-installs the Mi Browser on many of its smartphones.

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology did not respond to a request for a response.