The National Human Rights Commission of Korea completed the formation of an investigation team on suspicion of sexual harassment by former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and began an investigation into ex officio.

A total of nine people, including the general manager, was established as a member of the Human Rights Committee's Division of Discrimination and Correction.

Kang Mun-min, Director of the Discrimination and Correction Bureau of the Human Rights Committee, was headed by the investigation team, and Choi Hye-ryeong, the head of the Sexual Discrimination and Correction Team of the Discrimination and Correction Bureau, oversees the investigation.

The Human Rights Committee, established in 2018, where there was a'Me Too Movement' in Korea, is a department that remedy victims who have been discriminated against for no reasonable reason and recommends related measures.

The Sex Discrimination Correction Team under the Division of Discrimination and Correction specializes in women's human rights issues.

The NHRCK has prepared a separate office space in the NHRCK building for the authority investigation team.

At the same time, the Human Rights Committee began to investigate the suspicions surrounding Mayor Park as well as the formation of the investigation team.

The timing of the ex officio investigation was not decided.

Earlier, the Human Rights Committee held a 26th standing committee on the 30th of last month and unanimously agreed to investigate directly on suspicion of sexual harassment by Mayor Park and the acquiescence and assistance of the city.

The NHRCK said that it will review the overall system on issues such as sexual assault and review measures for improvement in this ex officio investigation, and also investigate procedures for handling sexual harassment cases by elected officials.

(Photo = Yonhap News)