Due to the heavy rains in North Korea, the Hantan River overflowed, and several villages in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, were submerged. It is said that about 500 residents are evacuating to the highlands, and reporters from Cheorwon are connected.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok, it seems like a place where residents are evacuating. What is the current situation?


I am now at Cheorwon Elementary School in Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do, where residents' shelters are set up.

Four villages were submerged as the Hantan River overflowed with heavy rain that continued until yesterday (5th) afternoon.

Here, there are fears of flooding the Yongjin River, a tributary of the Imjin River, and about 150 residents of Daemari, Cheorwon-eup, and the lowland of Yuliri evacuated to this place.

During the six days before yesterday at 3:00 pm, the Hantan River overflowed as the dam collapsed in a heavy rain close to 700 mm.

The village of Igil-ri, Dongsong-eup, Cheorwon-gun was completely submerged, about 40 residents were evacuated to nearby Odeok Elementary School, and about 30 were evacuated to the mountains.

The fire department used boats to rescue the isolated villagers from the village that turned into a reservoir.

Three other villages were also flooded, about 70 people in Jeongyeon-ri, Galmal-eup, 160 people in Saengchang-ri, Gimhwa-eup, and 20 people in Dongmak-ri, Galmal-eup, each evacuating to a village hall.

If you include 150 people who evacuated due to flooding in Yonggangcheon, 500 people from 6 villages evacuated.

Fortunately, the water level in the nearby rivers is gradually decreasing.

The level of the Hantan River near the Hantan Bridge, which was at a serious level of 13.43m yesterday evening, dropped to the current state level of 6.82m.

However, it is still raining little by little, so it seems that the evacuation will continue until at least tomorrow morning.