Son Jung-woo, operator of'Welcome to Video', the world's largest child sexual exploitation site, ended the marriage in an invalid marriage lawsuit filed by the other party. 

Since July 2015, Son Jung-woo has been running the'Welcome to Video' site for about 2 years and 8 months, and was charged with distributing child and youth sexual exploitation to more than 4,000 people. Subsequently, after receiving three years of probation and being released in two years of imprisonment in the first trial, Son Jung-woo filed a marriage report with Mr. A and appealed to the second trial, saying that "a dependent family member was born." 

In response to this, the Trial Court sentenced to June 1 year of imprisonment, which was reduced by 6 months compared to the 1st trial, "There was a family to support by filing a marriage report on April 17, 2019." 

Even though the marriage report was filed on the day after the trial date, when it was considered as a sentence by Son Jung-woo's wishes, the netizens at the time raised the suspicion, "Isn't Son Jung-woo married for the purpose of receiving a prejudice?" 

However, in the MBC PD notebook that aired on the 4th, Ji-Soon Son also made a claim to support the suspicion of a hawkish marriage. "Son Jung-woo's father did an international marriage brokerage. He would have reported a marriage with a foreign woman," he said. Other acquaintances testified, "If I had a wife and a baby, I would like to show off (to my friends), so I would have shown it once." The.

However, on this day, Son Jung-woo's father denied the suspicion, saying, "Are you introducing foreign women to your son?" .

He continued to admit, "Your parents have filed an invalidation suit against your parents (marriage life) has ended," but declined the answer to the question that followed, "Stop asking. There may be secondary damages."

When the news was announced, the netizens responded that "the marriage seemed to be cheating," and "the other party was also deceived by Son Jung-woo." In fact, the reason for the invalidity of marriage must be either a marriage agreement between the parties or a close marriage.

Son Jeong-woo, who was sentenced to death in April, was released after a Korean court refused to repatriate a US crime. The Seoul High Court explained why it was more desirable to conduct thorough investigations and trials in Korea for related crimes.

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(Photo = Yonhap News)