Rain fell overnight except in some areas of Gangwon-do. The forecast that up to 500mm will come by today (day 5) has been changed to a maximum of 400mm by day 7. Let's connect the reporters on the diving bridge to see if there are any changes in the water level of the Han River.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae, what is the situation now?


Yes, I've been on a diving bridge here since dawn, but it's almost raining, and the raindrops have started to fall a bit.

As the day dawned, Han River Park and the driveway were also full of muddy water. Unlike the original forecast, there were no heavy rains in the metropolitan area.

The discharge amount of the Paldang Dam has also remained at 8,000 tons per second since 10:00 last night.

Diving bridge two-way traffic has also been controlled for four days.


Reporter Ahn, which road is being controlled other than the diving bridge?


Yes, there are still some roads including Seongsan Bridge's Yangpyeong Naedolmok at the southern end of the Seongsan Bridge, underground roads at the southern end of the Dangsan Railway Bridge, and access to downtown rivers such as the Han River Park parking lot and Yangjae Stream.

Some areas are partially controlled by the Olympic Boulevard and Gangbyeonbukro lane while working to remove facilities such as portable toilets and kiosks in Hangang Park.

Due to the rain in the northern part of Gyeonggi, the water levels of the Gunnam Dam and Soyang River Dam are also rising, and the Pilseung Bridge in Yeoncheon has been around 5m from 2 hours ago.

Gyeonggi-do also sent emergency disaster texts to campers and residents near the river.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that there might be a lot of rain in Seoul and other metropolitan areas, even up to the day after tomorrow.