This time, I will connect to a reporter who is out on the Han River Diving Bridge.

Reporter Han So-hee, are there any places on the road in Seoul that have been controlled?


Yes, diving vehicles are restricted for the third day.

Yesterday (Day 3) The water level of the diving bridge, which had once reached 8.8 meters in the afternoon, is now more than 1 meter and is now 7.6 meters.

As the water level of the Han River went down again, some sections of the Olympic Road, which were once controlled yesterday, and the eastern main roads are now in normal communication.

The only places where traffic is still restricted are the Gaehwa Yukmun Gate, which is the road leading to Gaehwa-dong and Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu from Olympic Boulevard, and the diving bridge where I am located.

Yeouido, which was controlled until dawn, has resumed operation.

It is recommended to bypass the Naedokmok near Gaehwa Yukmun Gate by using Gayang Bridge.


There are many places where water has been blown out like a diving bridge. What is the control of the river or Han River Park?


Yes, the water level in the Han River is decreasing, but it is still high, so all 11 parking lots in Seoul are controlled.

18 rivers in Seoul, including Jungnangcheon and Yangjaecheon, also flooded, and access to the area is restricted.

We recommend that you refrain from unnecessary activities in the vicinity of the river, as rain in the central region can last for at least 14 days.