On December 3 in the Corona 19 situation, the SAT test day is approaching. The Ministry of Education has established the standard for entrance exams for college entrance exams and colleges. Even if they are confirmed, the college entrance exams or practical exams may be restricted.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon.

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the 2021 school year, which is held for two weeks in the aftermath of the Corona 19, first of all, if there is no abnormality in the fever test, 24 students, four less than last year, take the test in one class.

The front screen is installed on the desk.

General candidates also need to go to a separate exam site if they have a fever.

Candidates who have been confirmed can take the SAT in an isolated hospital or life treatment facility.

Self-containers may move to a separate exam site by using their own vehicle for self-isolation exceptions.

However, if a university-specific exam such as essay, interview, or practice is face-to-face, the exam may not be accepted.

[Park Baek-beom / Deputy Minister of Education: (Unlike SAT) The university-specific exam is the responsibility of the university. You can change the screening method, such as converting the interview evaluation to a non-face-to-face method without compromising the fairness of the evaluation.) In

the case of self-containers, you will take the test at a separate test site for each area, not the university you are applying to.

[Kim Hyun-jun/Director of Admissions Support at Korea University Education Council: Manpower (for the operation of the test center) must be dispatched from the university, so this can be a burden on the university. In the case of a written test or an oral interview, there may be problems related to the security of exam questions.]

To prevent corona19, a week before SAT, high school classes are switched to remote classes.

Although some argued that SAT should be easily considered in consideration of high school, it is expected that the level of difficulty will be adjusted to a level similar to the previous year by comprehensively analyzing the mock evaluation in June and September.

(Video coverage: Kang Yun-gu, Video editing: Lee Seung-hee)