Heavy rain warnings are issued throughout Seoul. Let's connect with reporters to see what the situation is in Seoul.

Reporter Yeon-nam Jeon, please tell us the situation of the control of the diving bridge.


Yes, the diving bridge is completely submerged in muddy water as you can see behind me.

It was used by pedestrians as well as by usual vehicles, but now it is completely submerged and no access is possible.

When the level of the diving bridge reaches 6.2 meters, vehicle traffic is controlled, and when it reaches 6.5 meters, the bridge is completely locked. As of 11:30, it exceeded 7.8 meters.

The Paldang Dam, which directly affects the Han River water level, is discharging nearly 10,000 tons per second, so the water level can rise even higher.

As the waters of the Han River swelled, an evacuation warning was issued to neighboring residents about 10:40 am in fear of flooding in Bulgwangcheon and Hongjecheon in Seoul.

Seoul has been raining for about 200 millimeters for three days from the 1st, but there is a lot of rain on the upper side of the Han River, so you should listen to the water level information.

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water level of the Han River rises, it seems that the citizens need special attention.


Yes, as the water level of the Han River rises and the water level of Jungnangcheon increases, the eastern arterial road has been controlled from 5:30 AM.

The control section ranges from the eastern arterial road to Seongsu Bridge, and from Uijeongbu Seongsu Bridge to Nokcheon Bridge.

Also, the upper and lower Yeouido outings of Olympic Boulevard and Nodeul were completely controlled.

The Seoul city government said that the control section may change at any time due to changes in the water level of the Han River.