This time, I'm going to call a reporter who is on the Han River Diving Bridge.

Reporter Deok-Hyun Kim, what is the situation of the Hangang River near the Diving Bridge?

<Reporter> You can see

road signs and trees that are only slightly exposed at the top while being submerged behind me, but yesterday (2nd) the traffic level began to be restricted as the water level exceeded 6.2m in the evening, but the water still filled up about 8m. Control is continuing for the third day. 

At the end of July 2011, when there was a landslide in Mt. Umyeon, the water level of the diving bridge exceeded 11m, but it still does not reach that level, but the flood control station is preparing for all possibilities as it can continue until the rainy 12 days in the central region. 

<Anchor> The

road around the river in Seoul was very bad, but what about now?

<Reporter> Since

yesterday, the roads in Seoul have been controlled and released. 

From around 7 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the upper and lower streams of the Yeoui and the vicinity of the Gyeamyukgangmok have been controlled until this time. 

From 11:00 yesterday, the two-way route from the Dangsan Railway Bridge to the Han River Railway Bridge was fully controlled from around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. 

The eastern arterial road, which was partially controlled from 5 am, is available for all sections starting at 4 pm. 

The control section of the main road along the Han River can be changed flexibly at any time as the water level changes, so you should listen to the guidance of the police and other authorities.