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heavy rain, train tracks and roads were cut off. Some sections of the railroads were submerged on the Chungbuk Line and Yeongdong Line, and the trains were stopped and the highways were also disrupted.

Reporter Hwagang Yoon will deliver this.

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rare track is seen between the piles of stones and the roots of the trees.

From yesterday (Day 2), the train service was stopped at Samtan Station on the Chungbuk Line, where heavy equipment was mobilized to carry out urgent recovery work to clear the soil.

The railroad service was completely suspended for all sections of the Taebaek Line from Chungju to Jecheon, and from Jecheon to Donghae, and from Yeongju to Yeongdong Line.

The Junghak Line's old school bridge to the old school section and the Chungbuk Line's Daejeon to Chungju section resumed operation overnight.

In mountainous areas with steep slopes, piles of rocks or ground are often run down, so recovery is expected to take considerable time.

[Lee In-soon/ Head of Public Relations, KORAIL: Since heavy rains are still in progress, we have not been able to begin a full-scale restoration work, and at present, only basic work to catch the water… .] In

particular, Korail expects that it will take about a month to resume operation from Samtan, the most damaging Chungbuk line.

Highways have also hampered traffic in many places.

The entrance to the Singal Junction on the Yeongdong Expressway collapsed some of the retaining walls around yesterday, and the road continued to be reinforced while blocking the road.As a pile of dirt poured into the road in the vicinity of Mokcheon Nadok toward the Gyeongbu Line, some traffic was controlled for about 3 hours.

(Video coverage: Hong Hong-Jung CJB, video editing: Jo Moo-Hwan)