There are many places where railways and highways connecting mountainous areas have been cut off. In the north of Chungju, there is Samtan Station, which means that three streams are gathered. Connect.

Reporter Cho Jae-geun, is that right now? The damage looks great.


Yes, I am at Samtan Station on the Chungbuk Line in Chungju.

The place I was standing on was originally a platform for passengers to get on and off the train, but as you can see, it is difficult to find the original shape, as it is covered with large rocks and floating logs.

Today (2nd) At around 6:00 in the morning, heavy rains poured down, and tosa came down from the valley in the back of history and hit this place.

Large rocks and logs were also swept down in the mud, and most of the tracks were buried.

Passengers and freight trains passing through the station 94 times a day have been stopped, and trains from Chungcheon to Daejeon have been suspended.


And there are many similar damages to Gangwon-do.


Yes, it is. In addition to the Chungbuk Line, the train service to the Taebaek Line was also suspended from this morning.

As the soil was introduced into the track between Ipsuk-ri Station in Jecheon-si and Ssangyong Station in Yeongwol-gun, the train stopped in all sections of the Taebaek Line.

In addition, trains were suspended in the central line between Wonju and Yeongju, and the Yeongdong Line between East Sea and Yeongju.

KORAIL predicted that it will continue raining and that there will be several points of damage, so that it will stop operating again tomorrow.

Expressways were also controlled everywhere, and the Tosa blocked the road near the Jecheon Rest Area on the Jungang Expressway and controlled for about 12 hours until 5 pm. .

(Video coverage: Heo Chun, Video editing: Min Kyu Jeon)