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Tosa hit the road in the sudden rain, the road was controlled. Trains across the country, such as the Chungbuk Line, have been suspended all over the country, but it is expected to take considerable time to recover.

This is reporter Park Won-kyung.


Trees exposed in the middle of a round-trip two-lane road collapsed.

The muddy water continues to flow from the hillside by the road.

Highways and highways were under control as Tosa hit the road in the rain during the night.

Today (2nd), at dawn, near the Jungwon Tunnel in the Jungbu Inland Expressway in Chungju-si, North Chungcheong Province, stones and earth and sand enter the road, and the vehicle has been controlled for a while.

Restoration work was also carried out in the middle of the Jungbu Expressway and the Pyeongtaek Jecheon Expressway under controlled vehicle operation.

Trains were also suspended from all parts of the country as soil was introduced into the train tracks.

The trains for the Chungbuk Line and Taebaek Line were suspended from 6 am this morning, and only the Gangneung-Donghae and Yeongju-Bukjeon trains are operating on the Yeongdong Line.

The center line has been suspended from Wonju to Yeongju.

The Korea Railroad Corporation is working on an emergency recovery work, but it is expected to take considerable time to resume operation.