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The security company Armorblox has alerted of a new 'phishing' campaign that sends emails to Netflix users to update their bank details, and that takes the identity theft of the page further with the introduction of a 'captcha '.

Cybercriminals send victims an email that allegedly comes from Netflix Support and informs users of the platform that there has been a failure in the verification of personal data.

In addition, the email warns victims that if they do not update their data within 24 hours, their subscription will be canceled, increasing the sense of urgency, as reported by Armorblox.

By clicking on the link in the email, users are directed to a Netflix-like website that asks victims to fill in their platform login credentials, billing address, and credit card details. .

After all the data is filled in, the victims are redirected to the actual Netflix home page , making users unaware of the attack.

What is different about this phishing campaign is that when clicking on the link in the email, users are first directed to a 'captcha' similar to that shown by Netflix, the test that differentiates human behavior from automated one.

Captcha makes it difficult for security technologies that rely solely on URL redirection capabilities to follow the URL to its final destination. Additionally, all pages are hosted on legitimate domains, including the bogus Netflix website.

After the victims pass the 'captcha', they are redirected to what looks like the Netflix login page, but the browser's address bar shows otherwise.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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