This rainy season continues for about 50 days. It is a long time, and the damage from heavy rain is huge. What is going on this summer, and the attack of various bugs are also serious. Following the caterpillar incident from the cicada moth, the larvae, and even recently the cockroaches, have begun to skyrocket. But each of these disasters. In fact, you know that it's basically one cause? It's scarier to know, but you need to know to reduce this disaster. In this way, as the year goes on, the summer in Korea is more likely to be filled with more rain, more worms, and longer heat waves.

Responsible Producer Hyeon-jong Ha / Composition Lee Arita / Editorial Hye-soo Jeong / Chae-young Oh / CG Tae-hwa Kim / Intern Son Jung-min 

(SBS SBS News)