Let's find out the situation in Seoul. Reporters who are out on Dongjak Bridge are connected.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam, is it raining now?


Yes, the Dongjak Bridge, where I am located, started to rain again yesterday (1st) in the afternoon as the rain began to rain, and after 9 pm, it started to rain again.

Currently it is repeating that it has stopped raining.

The water level of the diving bridge also rose by 1m than usual, and it once exceeded 4m.

Following yesterday, heavy rains were in effect all over Seoul today, and yesterday it was a very strong rain with a gust of 30 to 50 mm per hour and thunder and lightning.

A lot of rain poured into Seoul one day yesterday, and the manhole cover was opened in Gangnam Station, and there was a flood of water, such as sewage reflux.


Will it rain a lot today after yesterday?


Yes, the Korea Meteorological Administration is still expecting a lot of rain by this morning.

Especially in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, it is expected that a loud rain of 50 to 80 mm per hour accompanied by gusts, thunder and lightning is expected.

The rain will show a momentary state in the morning, and it is expected to rain again from this evening to the day after tomorrow.