Now, the rain is coming down to the Hwanghae area in North Korea just north of the armistice line, and it is pouring heavily in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do underneath. People from Yeoncheon, Paju, and Gimpo areas below the Imjin River coming from North Korea should be the most careful now. The left side facing the water of the Imjin River in North Korea is the Gunnam Dam in Yeoncheon. On the right is Seoul, so let's connect in a moment and let's contact Gunnam Dam first.

Reporter Cho Yoon-ha, there is a lot of rain right now, but please organize the situation there.


Yes, I've been here at the Gunnam Dam on the Imjin River since morning (1st), and the rain continues throughout the day.

Once the heavy rain warning was issued, the Yeoncheon and Paju districts have now been lowered by heavy rain warnings.

As the rain continues in the northern part of Gyeonggi, the Imjin River Gunnam Dam opens seven of the 13 gates and releases water.

It usually discharges about 30 tons per second when it is not raining. Currently, it discharges about 780 tons per second, and plans to release up to 1500 tons in the future.


So, the water goes to Yeoncheon, Paju, and Gimpo to the West Sea, but I can see that the dam water is shaking behind them, so I think you should focus on the news all night long.


Yes, it is. Due to the heavy rain in the northern part of Gyeonggi, the water level in the nearby river, including the Imjin River, continues to rise.

As heavy rains hit the North Hwanghae Province near the northern part of Gyeonggi, the water level at the northernmost point of the Imjin River has risen to 1,6 m, exceeding the evacuation level of 1 m.

As a result, Gyeonggi-do sent a disaster message to the neighbors to evacuate around the river starting today.

The level of the Biryong Bridge, located downstream of the Imjin River, is also about 2.4m, which is almost three times higher than usual.

As it is raining now, it seems to require special attention from nearby residents and campers.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Park Ji-in, On-site progress: Kim Se-kyung)