The makers of the German corona app, SAP and Deutsche Telekom, will be commissioned by the European Commission to build a software platform with which national corona apps can communicate with each other. That would mean that the app of an EU country will also work in other countries.

Several EU countries already have a corona app that warns people if they have been around someone infected with the corona virus. These corona apps are developed separately per European country and initially only collect data from users of the relevant app, not from users who use the app from another country.

The European software platform must change this. It should become possible, for example, to also notify people who are on holiday abroad if they have been around an infected person.

According to a European Commission spokesperson, it should be possible to launch a trial version of the software platform within three to four weeks.

Brings difficulties

Nine EU countries - Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia and Poland - currently have apps that work with technology from Google and Apple. For privacy reasons, these apps do not store users' data centrally, but only on the devices of the users themselves. The common design of these nine apps means that these apps are compatible and can be easily connected to the EU software platform.

The difficulty lies with the apps from France and Hungary. Those apps do store users' data centrally. According to experts, this makes it a challenge to connect the apps of these countries to the European platform.

A corona app is also being developed in the Netherlands that uses the technology of Apple and Google. This app should be available nationwide on September 1.

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