President Shin Man-hee Lee Man-hee was arrested today (1st) on charges of shrinking and hiding the list of Shinto and gathering places and taking billions of dollars in church funds. Shincheonji, who denied the allegations, faced the biggest crisis.

Reporter Choi Jae-young.


In February, when Corona 19 spread around the Sinchonji church, President Manhee Lee held a press conference and bowed twice with bows.

[Manhee Lee/Chairman Shincheonji (March 2): I don't know what to apologize for. At the same time, I thank the government and ask the government for forgiveness.]

President Lee said he would actively cooperate with the quarantine authorities, but he did not express any suspicion that he had manipulated the Shinto list.

[Manhee Lee/Chairman Shincheonji (March 2): This is a disaster. It is a great disaster. It's not the time for someone to do well and make mistakes.] The

prosecution, who had been investigating for five months, conspired with Sinchonji officials in February to report to the anti-war authorities that they had shrunk the list of Shinto and rally meetings, charged with stealing billions of church funds. Filed for an arrest warrant, and the court issued a warrant today.

The court said the reason for issuing a warrant was that "the allegations were confirmed and the circumstances that systematically destroyed evidence during the investigation were found."

He explained that he had a chronic illness in old age, but his prison life did not seem difficult.

President Lee denied the allegations.

[Shincheonji officials: Since there was a request for personal information, we expressed concern about this part, but we never ordered a list to be prevented. (I'm also saying that the charges of embezzlement are true).] In

1980, the president of the General Assembly was arrested again in 40 years after being detained for defamation.

(Video editing: Ha Sung-won)