President Shin Man-ji Lee Man-hee, who was accused of interfering with the anti-corona 19 activities and embezzling church funds, was arrested today (1st). The court has issued a warrant that some charges have been filed and there is concern about the destruction of evidence.

Reporter Sohwan-wook.


Suwon District Court Judge Lee Myeong-cheol issued a warrant for the late President Lee Man-hee's Shincheonji.

Although the judge has some room for contention in the crime, some cases have been alleged, and in the course of the investigation, the situation that systematically destroyed evidence was found, and in the light of the status of the suspect in the religious group, the fear of further evidence destruction He said it was difficult to exclude.

President Lee issued a warrant saying he had a chronic illness at the age of 89, but that the prison life was not considered to be significantly difficult.

There are three major charges that prosecutors revealed when they called for a warrant for arrest.

First of all, it is a charge that falsely submitted or omitted the list of members and facilities to the quarantine authorities.

In addition, the charges of embezzling 5.6 billion won, including taking away church funds in the process of constructing the Sincheonji Training Institute in Gapyeong, and the alleged enforcement of large-scale religious events at Suwon World Cup Stadium, etc., were also applied.

Prosecutors called the president twice to investigate and filed a warrant for arrest on the 28th of last month.

Prior to this, the prosecution handed over seven officials to the trial, including the arrest of three Shincheonji officers.