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was an actual review of the arrest warrant today (31st) for President Shin Man-ji Lee Man-hee. President Lee Man-hee is accused of interfering with the authorities' anti-corona 19 activities and embezzling billions of dollars in church funds. I'll connect to a reporter from the court.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae, did the court's judgment come out first?


Yes, the warrant review, which started at 10:30 am, ended around 7 hours past 7 hours, with several suspensions.

President Lee is currently moving to Suwon Prison and waiting for a warrant.

The arrest seems to be coming out late at midnight tonight.

There are three major charges against President Lee.

It is accused of embezzling 5.56 billion won, such as falsely submitting a list of members and facilities to the quarantine authorities or deliberately missing out and withdrawing church funds during the construction of the Gapyeong Training Center. .

Earlier, prosecutors handed over seven Church officials to trial, including arrest of three Sinchonji executives on similar charges.

President Lee said that he had denied the charges, saying, "We have overly demanded a list of members who have not come in contact with the confirmed persons, but we have actively cooperated with the defense."

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police also investigated the charges of stealing money from the church. Anything confirmed during the investigation?


Yes, President Lee received police investigations for suspicion of missing church offerings, and the police confirmed signs of money laundering and attempts to launder money that amounted to 3.2 billion won from church accounts in 2015 to the wife's account.

President Lee denied the charges, saying, "The believers put money in their church accounts and used it as money or gifts."

In the midst of this, a meeting was held in front of the court calling for the arrest of President Lee Shin-cheon and Shincheonji.

(Video coverage: Myeong-gu Kim, Video editing: Jae-sung Lee, On-site progress: Kim Dae-cheol)