The online retail company Amazon has received approval from the US telecommunications authority FCC to launch more than 3,200 satellites into orbit. According to Amazon, the goal is to provide even remote areas with better Internet access. However, the project could also offer new business opportunities by selling internet services to individuals or companies.

Amazon manager Dave Limp referred to stories about people who cannot work or do their homework because they do not have reliable Internet access at home.

Other companies have already put satellites into orbit. Among other things, the space company Space X by Elon Musk, which received government approval in 2018.

Amazon estimates that it will spend ten billion dollars (8.5 billion euros) on the Kuiper project - roughly twice as much as profit reported in the latest quarterly report. When the project should be completed, Amazon left in the dark. By July 2026, half of the satellites must be in orbit, the FCC requires. Amazon plans to set up a research facility in the US state of Washington to design and test satellites.