Minister of Justice Chu Mi-ae insisted that "the religious groups joined the opposition to the prosecution reform" aimed at the Shincheonji Jesuit Protest Camp (Shincheonji) on the 30th.

"I have now reached the point where I am attacking me, even to Shincheonji, while the indiscriminate and unfounded attacks of the media and the United Party against me are getting worse."

"It is under constant resistance and attacks from the conservative media and the United Party against the prosecution reform," Chu said. "There has been no criticism of policy, and now we have been attacking the family personally."

It was based on the fact that the media reports that Shincheonji had said'Let's join the petition for the impeachment of Minister Chu', and that the mail was delivered to the Ministry of Justice saying that the repression was unfair.

In February, Minister Cho ordered the prosecution to strongly cope with illegal investigations, such as seizure and search, against illegal acts such as interference with the investigation of Sincheonji.

Man-hee Lee (89), President Shin Chun-ji, has been filed for a warrant of arrest for alleged violations of the Infectious Disease Prevention Act on the 28th.

"In fact, more than usual, more mail began to arrive in the secretary's office of the Minister of Justice," said Lee Man-hee, after the prosecution was investigated.

E-mails saying that the Korean government is oppressing Shincheonji have recently been delivered to several members of parliamentarians and many reporters every day.

"I think this should be considered as a simple coincidence or something organized," he said. "I have to think about it with the people."

(Photo = Yonhap News)