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Since November 2019, Instagram's parent company, Facebook, has been testing a new feature largely inspired by TikTok with the aim of surfing the success of the social network from China. Last month, the Reels feature landed in several countries, including France and Germany, but it is far from being available everywhere. Despite this, Instagram seems ready to do anything to attract influencers and their fans to its platform through this new feature.

The well-respected Wall Street Journal understands that Facebook has made generous offers to popular TikTok users to entice them to Instagram. According to the American media, some influencers have been offered several hundred thousand dollars to abandon TikTok in favor of Instagram and its Reels functionality.

TikTok in front of Instagram?

The exact amount of the transactions and the identity of the content creators who have accepted the offer are not known. Contacted by Business Insider, Facebook has not yet reacted to the Wall Street Journal revelations .

If it turns out that Facebook has paid influencers to promote its new Reels feature, it could increase the rivalry between social media.

With over two billion downloads, TikTok is today one of the most popular apps in the world. It surpasses Instagram in terms of downloads, despite criticism leveled against it by US authorities who say it shares information about its users with the Chinese government.

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