It was confirmed by the education authorities that a male student who died suddenly while living in a dormitory in Yeonggwang-gwang Mo Middle School was sexually harassed by fellow male students before his death.

Education authorities have also decided to seek disciplinary action against school officials by disclosing the fact that the school, which has been reported school violence, has inadequate the separation of students and victims.

According to the Yeonggwang Academic Accident Response Countermeasures Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Countermeasures Headquarters), headed by the Yeonggwang Office of Education and Support, the A group in Yeonggwang Mo Junior High School, who died of acute pancreatitis on the 3rd of the last 8 days, dormitory for 8 days from June 10 to 17 Has been molested several times by fellow male students.

An official at the Countermeasures Division stated that "the parents of the victims claimed to have 4 perpetrators, and the statements of the students and parents who were designated as perpetrators were slightly different, but confirmed that there was sexual harassment."

The official said, "Students who are designated as perpetrators are also in the dormitory room with group A. The number of perpetrators should be revealed through investigation by the Jeonnam Provincial Police Agency."

The school said the A-group parents reported school violence and sent the offending students to school, which indicated that the separation between the offending students and the A group was not actively carried out.

An official from the countermeasures headquarters said, "It is alleged that the victims who were subjected to special education measures on June 22nd went to school after the school violence report was filed, and that the victims were under severe stress." I said.

The Countermeasures Headquarters decided to ask the appropriate middle school foundation, a private school, to discipline disciplinary officials from school officials, such as class A homeroom teachers and school violence officers.

Group A died of acute pancreatitis on the 3rd, and group A's parents are calling for facts and countermeasures saying their son's death is related to sexual harassment from friends in a school dormitory.

A group's parents complained of the unfairness and posted it on the bulletin board of the national petition at Cheong Wa Dae on the 15th, and the petition obtained more than 200,000 consents based on the answer today (28th).

Accordingly, the Jeollanam-do Office of Education organized a countermeasures headquarters to conduct a fact-finding investigation.