• Attack Garmin: Large-scale hacking renders your smart devices and service unusable
  • Security: Rita, the mother of a computer scientist who 'hacked' a prison with a USB stick and a folder

Some of Garmin's smart devices can now be paired with Garmin Connect, the tool that stores and analyzes the information collected by your sports smart watches. The company thus recovers some normalcy after suffering a ransomware attack that disabled its devices and its technical service.

In the middle of last week, Garmin was the victim of a hack that 'hijacked' its systems and made its users unable to access its services, which range from monitoring physical activity to downloading flight plans for pilots.

According to what Bleeping Computer could know, the attackers - everything indicates that it was the Russian group Evil Corp - used a virus known as WastedLocker and requested a ransom of $ 10 million.

At the moment, yes, not everything works as it should and the support page still gives problems. Despite the fact that there are already users with access to Garmin Connect, the company explains on its website that both the page and the application are down, as well as its customer service.

With regard to personal data - be it activity, personal or banking information - Garmin is currently "not aware" that the information "has been corrupted", although the investigation is still ongoing.

"Garmin is experiencing issues affecting Garmin services, including Garmin Connect. As a result, some features and services on these platforms are not available," acknowledges the firm on a page enabled to answer frequently asked questions about the attack.

The company also ensures that "the activity, health and wellness data collected from any Garmin device during the incident will be recorded on the device and will appear on Garmin Connect when the user syncs their device", although it does not seem possible to link new devices currently.

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