Corona 19 The number of confirmed cases yesterday (24th) exceeded 100 people as the number of overseas inflows increased significantly. This is because there were a large number of confirmers among Iraqi construction workers and Russian sailors who returned to the previous charter flight.

Reporter Nam Joo-hyun.


Out of 113 new confirmed cases, 27 cases occurred in Korea and 86 cases inflow abroad.

The largest number of confirmed respondents came from Iraq, followed by 34 from Russia and 5 from the Philippines.

As the number of confirmed foreign inflows has increased significantly, the number of confirmers on the first day has reached three digits in 115 days since April 1st.

Earlier, health officials predicted that 89 of Iraqi construction workers who returned to the previous chartered planes complained of the symptoms of corona19, and at the port of Busan, there would be a collective infection by Russian sailors, and temporarily confirmed that there would be over 100 confirmed.

32 out of 94 Russian sailors and five domestic colleagues who repaired the ship were confirmed yesterday, and another colleague was confirmed today.

[Jun-Wook Kwon/Director, National Institute of Health Research: 13 Russian ships entering the Port of Busan after July 1st are currently undergoing inspections, such as sampling, of 429 people in 13 vessels (

14). Four additional soldiers were also confirmed in 2 units around the A unit of Pocheon 8th Division.

They were found to have been in contact with a confirmed soldier of Unit A at the church in the garrison last Sunday.

The government office is also conducting an epidemiologic investigation since a government official is confirmed for the first time at the Gwanghwamun government's Seoul office.