Over the last night, as strong winds and heavy rains poured all over the country, all five people died and more than 200 victims. In particular, the damage in Busan was serious. With 83 mm of torrential rain per hour, the city center turned into water after 3 hours, and the underground road was submerged and 3 people died.

First, reporter Song Seong-jun will deliver the damage from Busan.

<Reporter> As

if the sky has been pierced, thick raindrops pour incessantly.

The streets covered with muddy water are difficult to tell where they lead and where they drive.

The motorcycle was floating in the water and the water was full inside the city bus.

The backwater of the manhole rises from each manhole.

[With water bursting... There is so much water that it is almost a valley now.]

Yesterday (23rd), at 8 o'clock in the evening, at 8 o'clock in the evening, a rainstorm of up to 83 mm per hour poured over Busan for 3 hours.

Over the high tide, the water was spreading all over the city, causing damage.

On the 10th, Dongcheon, a downtown river that had been damaged by flooding, flooded again yesterday, flooding the vehicle and the surrounding area.

After the first flooding, a water closet was installed close to the river and a drainage pump was used to control the water level, but it was not enough to prevent the suddenly blowing water.

[Lee Eun-sook/Senior Welfare Director, Jaseong University: The water overflowed just like last time. We had our own preparations. Sand bags piled up even higher, but more water came in.] The

Busan Subway Station was also submerged.

The submerged platform was restored only today.

At Haeundae, where 211mm fell, rainwater poured into the underground parking lot of a high-rise apartment building.

Dozens of luxury parked cars were submerged.

The sad sacrifice continued.

Three people were killed and six were rescued as the vehicle was isolated on the underground driveway in the suddenly blown water.

In Busan alone, over 200 reports of damage were reported overnight, and over 50 victims were reported.

(Video coverage: Kyung-Moon Jeong and Won-Ju Lee KNN, Video editing: Seung-Yeol Lee)  

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