Quarantine officials forecast that there will be more than 100 new corona19 daily confirmed patients on the 25th.

This is because a large number of confirmed workers are expected to appear among Korean workers returning to work in the Iraqi construction site following the confirmation of a pile of 32 Russian sailors entering Busan Port on the 24th.

Kwon Joon-wook, deputy general manager of the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters (Bang Dae-bon), said at the briefing, “Currently, overlooking the domestic and foreign countries, the total number of corona19 (new confirmation) occurrences will exceed 100 cases, that is, three-digit numbers. "This is a very high situation."

Kwon said, “The final number of 89 cases among the Korean workers who returned from Iraq was confirmed.” “It is a situation where 32 Russian sailors alone and 5 patients related to a ship repairman are involved.”

He said, "The government will prevent the spread of the community with the attitude that it has rescued our citizens from Iraq from the Corona 19 crisis, and will do thorough management and prevention." I said."