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also deliver a series of reports that point to the six months of corona. In the meantime, there have been nearly 14,000 confirmed cases in Korea. Many people do not easily return to their daily lives even after being cured.

Reporter Kwon Young-in met.


I visited a village in Imsil, Jeollabuk-do.

Lee Jeong-hwan, 24, was confirmed corona last April.

The first week had to endure the pain I had never experienced before.

[Lee Jung-hwan/Corona Curer: Please let the pain disappear. Help me. I only had this idea. I thought I was really dying then. You may be suddenly going after a person is healthy like this. I felt it for the first time at that time.]

After undergoing more than 20 tests, I was discharged in two months.

[Lee Jeong-hwan/Corona Curator: When I came out of the hospital, I came to Imsil right here by public transportation. in Seoul. (The way down) It was like watching a movie. I liked it so much.]

However, memories of pain in every corner of the body made everyday life difficult.

[Lee Jung-hwan/Corona Curator: The meal table is a bit burdensome. Because I might feel the pain again.]

Eventually, I left Seoul and came down to my grandmother's house to find stability.

[Lee Jeong-hwan/Corona Curator: The space itself is a little frustrating. Because there are so many confirmed people. I wanted to have psychological stability. It's safe from corona.]

I went to the United States as an exchange student, and Hyungjin Kim, caught in corona, has changed my life values.

[Lee, Jung - Hwan / Corona wanchija: This seems to be looking to continue that same value it had come Yeah, look at a lot of foreign stay in the country longer than I lived in a foreign country are protected is safer to live -

cure seat months.

With the appearance of antibodies, the worry of relapse disappeared, but the uncomfortable surroundings did not disappear.

[Lee Jung-Hwan/Corona Curator: I always have anxiety about not knowing how to think badly or how to think negatively because I know that I'm a definitive


[Kim Ji-ho/Corona Curator: I thought it was a threat to my people, my life, my life, and my family.] I was

discharged at the end of last month, but I haven't been to work yet.

[Kim Jiho/Corona Curator: What if people get caught again? Because I am anxious,'If I go to work, it is a threat to the public.' It is called. It doesn't make any sense medically.]

The longer it was to coexist with Corona, the more likely it was that the number of confirmed patients would increase.

It seems that they need social devices and consideration that may not be marginalized.

(Video coverage: Lee Byeong-ju Video editing: Min-kyu Jeon CG: Hong Sung-yong Choi Jae-young Lee Ye-jung)