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For Star Trek fans , the replica accessory company The Wand Company is developing a working Tricorder for release next year. A project overseen by CBS Entertainment and which meets the many requests from fans of the series.

“After an impressive number of requests from Star Trek fans around the world, The Wand Company can finally confirm the development of a fully functional replica of the Tricorder from the original series,” read the series' official website.

An accessory well known to fans

For those uninitiated in the Star Trek universe , the Tricorder is a small or large device that allows the characters in the series to sense, record and analyze their surroundings. Over the course of the episodes, the object has received new functions, in particular the ability to connect to a computer system or to emit a particle field.

The device that will be marketed will resume its original functions. The owners of a Tricorder will thus be able to scan frequencies, record sounds and measure certain elements of the environment. It is thanks to the many technological advances developed over the years that the development of the Tricorder has been made possible. The device will be the most sophisticated replica of a science fiction object ever made and offered for sale.

According to the video from The Wand Company, the replica should be larger than the original and be worn over the shoulder.

It will cost a nice sum of money to get such an item - which is primarily aimed at Star Trek fans given its limited usefulness. The Tricorder will be sold on The Wand Company's website for $ 250 in the summer of 2021.


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