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heavy rain, Busan flooded the rivers across the city. Houses, factories, and vehicles were flooded, and over 50 people in the apartments had to evacuate. Residents are devastating about the same situation as before the full moon.

This is KNN Jung Ki-hyeong.


Dongcheon crossing the city center of Busan overflowed.

Beyond the roads, houses and welfare centers, malls and apartments were also submerged.

I prepared for the heavy rain forecast, but to no avail.

[Lee Eun-sook/Senior Welfare Director, Jaseong University: The water overflowed just like last time. We had our own preparations. Sandbags also piled higher, but more water came in.]

Dongcheon, Busan, flooded for the first time on the 10th.

At that time, 140 houses and factories and 220 vehicles were flooded.

The damage was high, overlapping with high tide, and this is also true.

About 50 people in the apartments were evacuated to welfare centers.

It's time for the rain to fall and the water level to drop a bit, but it kicks up to my knees.

A sandbag was piled up to prepare for it, but Dongcheon overflowed again.

During the first flooding, the water barrier at the site of water quality improvement, which was pointed out as the cause, was reduced.

[Residents: (10 days of heavy rain) came and went for 30 minutes, but now the water has been flowing in and out for an hour, so it should be considered more severe (damage). In

Busan, not only Dongcheon but also Sujeongcheon flooded, and the water level dropped all night. As a result, we are not giving enough attention to recovery and damage counting.