Yesterday (21st) evening, an explosion occurred at a chemical manufacturing plant in Incheon. The accident killed one worker on site and wounded eight others, including a firefighter who was rescued.

This is reporter Cho Yun-ha.


One wall of the factory collapsed, and debris was scattered on the floor.

White smoke leaks through the crushed cargo vehicle.

About 8:50 yesterday evening, an explosion occurred at a chemical manufacturing plant in Seo-gu, Incheon.

[Ha Young-Bong/Sightseeing: Flies and bursts, the window falls on the car that goes inside... .] A

part of the factory wall collapsed with a loud explosion, and the first stage of response was initiated by the entire fire department personnel in 20 minutes.

The accident killed one in eight workers working at the time of the explosion, and seven others, including 45-year-old O Mo, were injured, two of whom were reported to be seriously injured.

In addition, firefighters who were searching for the dead on the scene were also wounded and taken to a nearby hospital.

After a search for missing persons overnight, some bodies of the missing were found in the warehouse of hazardous chemicals inside the factory at 4:30 am today.

Fire officials believe that the accident occurred when workers moved 8 tons of hydrogen peroxide from a mobile tank lorry.

[Lee Il-hee / Head of Prevention Team, Western Fire Department, Incheon: It is estimated that the explosion

occurred while carrying 8 tons of hydrogen peroxide in the moving tank lorry.] The fire department and police, etc., have been conducting joint inspections of related organizations starting at 10 am to determine the exact accident. Will proceed.