One of our workers dispatched to a construction site in the Middle East was reportedly killed by Corona19. This is the third time already, and the government has decided to send two military aircraft to Iraq today and bring about 280 workers today.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung on the sidewalk.


Yesterday, Hyundai Construction's Korean employee A died yesterday as corona19 confirmed and fatalities increased in Karbala, Iraq, where hundreds of Korean construction workers are staying.

According to officials at the construction company, Mr. A is known to have been treated at the hospital after showing symptoms of corona19 since the 14th.

This is the third time that local Korean workers have died since the spread of Corona 19.

It is said that Mr. B, a member of another company that is being confirmed and treated in the hospital, will return home soon after the condition has improved.

At the Iraqi site, 680 Korean employees, including four domestic construction companies such as Hyundai E&C, Hyundai Engineering, GS E&C, and SK E&C, and subcontractors worked, and 105 people returned to Korea on the 14th as Corona 19 rapidly spread. Of the 45, Corona19 was confirmed.

The government today decided to deploy two military aircraft to bring in more than 280 workers.

They will depart from Baghdad, Iraq, and enter Incheon Airport tomorrow morning.

Upon arrival, the personnel will be transported to a designated containment facility by quarantine bus and will be quarantined.