The following is a conversation recording file released by lawyers of former channel A reporter Lee Dong-jae regarding the alleged suspicion of attempting to compel former reporter of channel A.

The content of the file is a conversation that former reporter Lee and another channel A reporter visited the Deputy Director's Office of the Busan High Prosecutor's Office on February 13 and had a conversation with Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon.

(Unrelated incident figures bisilmyeong process, profane part is represented by △△)


◆ @ February 13 yidongjae -P ○○ / handonghun Busan trip meeting

yidongjae: Come and went to go giwang Go early.

Dong-Hun Han: I'll talk in advance. Dong-

jae Lee: Since the company is a day-to-day company again today,

Dong-hoon Han: But here is just a routine (President Yoon Seok-yeol) You won't say anything? What are we A○○? Just throwing anything.

Lee Dong-jae: We just came to the air.

Lee Dong-jae: We are actually small citizens, prosecutor, as I saw this morning. From the Chosun Ilbo, something like this...

Han Dong-hoon: No, then I refuse to say no. Then who is insane to do it? Lee Dong-jae: I have to call it and do it again.

Dong-Hun Han: No, I have to talk in advance to do that. What do you do after you're out there?

Lee Dong-jae: It's always like this. 

Dong-Hun Han: No, he said he called after he left. That doesn't make any sense.

Lee Dong-jae: Right. I think everyone thinks a lot. Maybe the president will come and talk about it. Or maybe you won't even say that.

Han Dong-Hoon: Even Hankyoreh did something.

Lee Dong-jae: By the way, the prosecution's segregation is separated.

Dong-Hun Han: Only one. I will stop the investigation unconditionally. I will stop the investigation of power. And the problem is to do some study. You've been wrong every time and you've never said the right thing.

Junior reporter: The Justice Department's lawyers said they were struggling. I'm looking for that material.

Dong-Hun Han: No, what do you do if you find it out of place? Lee Dong-jae: Put it on and find the American one. Find the Japanese one.

Dong-Hun Han: Are you going to talk to the U.S.? You disobeyed people? No, a minister sits in a constitution of the right to know the people of the Constitution. Are the people's right to know later? The difference between knowing the lottery and knowing it first is how big it is. Of course, the key to knowing is when to know.

Lee Dong-jae: Right.

Dong-Hun Han: Meaning that people can know later, it means that we will know first.

Lee Dong-jae: It is because people think that B○○ was shed at the Blue House in □□□□ (which refers to other media companies).

Dong-Hun Han: Does it have any effect? Lee Dong-jae: Attorney General Infini, even when you were strongly anti-corruption C?? When there... Dong-Hun Han: By the way, this isn't mulberry yet. Being a propofol can actually be right. The number of times is a matter to try various facts, so it's okay to go in advance.

Lee Dong-jae: Channel A is used alone.

Junior reporter: We don't think we'll write anything.

Dong-Hun Han: No, this is the one I don't have the best to look at as I know him (B○○), but after leaving it all, this issue is a little grasped. So, it is not easy to prosecute if the problem is that the propofol problem is accurately administered or if it is not confirmed or confirmed. Police D?? I tried to catch it, but I can't do anything. It's not like it just might have been. 

And the problem is different from mulberry. It's not an unconditional medicine just to come out. That's the right medicine for a checkup. That's basically a sin when abused, isn't it? It's perfect for Hiropon or cocaine, so it's perfect when it comes to your hair! It is not a problem that comes out like this, so it is not difficult. The investigation itself.

In the case of drug cases, actors are always an issue. The actor is always an issue, but those people should watch it. It's probable. It looks probable. But, unlike the probable and proven, it's not as much as it is a propofol.

Lee Dong-jae: Actually, when we were in C○○, these nurses were in and out of nurses and nurses.

Dong-Hun Han: Seeing that, it wasn't the person who let it go, but the person involved revealed it. Will the children who let it go collapse? It's a matter of investigation.

Lee Dong-jae: Where do you eat this evening? Dong-Hun Han: Well, I guess I caught it somewhere.

Dong-jae Lee: Isn't there a restaurant here? A large restaurant like that for the Great Sword.

Dong-Hun Han: There is a restaurant, but the people who do it have a large scale, and there are many such events, so there is an appropriate manpower there, but there is no place.

Lee Dong-jae: I think I'll do something like this in the Chosun Ilbo today to the restaurant.

Donghoon Han: Don't follow me. I don't even come from Seoul. Come along and do something.

Lee Dong-jae: No, sitting next to him in the corner... But suddenly, I think the president will say, "uh~"

Dong-Hun Han: □□□□(I refer to other media companies).

Lee Dong-jae: But the office is very big.

Donghoon Han: Smaller than other offices. Is it similar? There must be a standard, a standard.

Lee Dong-jae: No. If you are two and a half hours short while coming from Seoul, it will be short and long. I think it came to Daejeon soon.

Donghoon Han: What SRT? Well, that's what you think. It's good to come.

Lee Dong-jae: Yes.

Dong-Hun Han: I don't go well every weekend. I'm not welcome when I'm about my age.

I go to a hagwon and each one is busy, but I have a routine.

Lee Dong-jae: There have been some media outlets, prosecutor? Donghoon Han: Here? He said it was quite a lot.

Dong-jae Lee: No no, so far, to see the prosecutor.

Dong-Hun Han: He said he was coming, but he asked me to come when I was free. What do you do when it's cold? If you still come, you should see the sea.

Lee Dong-jae: We are also in March.

Dong-Hun Han: It's good to have a drink at Busan Beach in March. You can feel it when you look down at the sea.

Lee Dong-jae: Yes. Nowadays, I'm looking for something like Shilla Zen, and this is what I've been investigating once. Lime is also

Han Dong-hun: But it is a matter of will.

Lee Dong-jae: Are you good?

Dong-Hun Han: I will do my best. Of course, the president will continue to try to interfere with something over there, but he will try to put in a lot of manpower.


Dong- jae: In addition to what I have been investigating in Sillagen so far, what part is more like this... Han Dong-hun: In the investigation so far, the results have not been properly obtained, right? Lee Dong-jae: Yes.

Dong-Hun Han: On the whole, this investigation, to a certain extent, was a multiplicity of damage to people. In such cases, it is necessary to investigate quickly and accurately to prevent the spread of damage. And there are a few people who have been injured about it, even the same thing. It's a lot bigger if 10,000 people confess 10 billion on the same issue. Then, you have to hold your responsibility for that. At least when society sees it now, people these days, people here do not seem to do much. That collapses.

In other words, when something is caught or something, society cannot be perfect and fair. There is no such society. But what's important is that people should pretend to be fair and look fair. What does that mean? It means that once you get caught, you have to go. And it may have a number of different traits, but at least when you get caught, you shouldn't come out in an angry way saying, "No. Then it goes to the law of the jungle. Just because of the magnitude of the power, the risks I'm going to get are pretty drastic, and there are some real aspects of that, but that shouldn't be publicly disclosed. If you get a bribe, once you get caught, don't go inside, or if you think so, you're sorry, or if you get caught, you have to get out for a while. Dong-

jae Lee: Yes,

Dong- hun Han: But can you prove it once? E?? is "Can I prove it?" Hey △△ △ Isn't it? Did you see that wording? A person in a public position "can you prove?" No, it's natural to think so. It's a defense. Can you prove it to the media, prosecution? Did you see that? Not that I didn't. Can you prove it? Hey, this is △ △△. This wording is better than others. Hey~ these people are true.

Lee Dong-jae: The most shocking thing this time is that F○○ also mentioned the airlift, but from Yun Seok-yeol. No matter how much you think about it, you're saying it like that.

Dong-Hun Han: Because these kids are leading this now, we are going to the end in this way. Will this help? I don't think the ruling party likes it very much? Lee Dong-jae: Minister A○○ seems to be doing bad things to the ruling party, too?

Donghoon Han: Of course not. He always does that in his organization. You have been. We are excited. Every time it's not like that, wherever I feel... Dong-jae

Lee: I thought so much. It is important for the Ministry of Justice and reporters to think about the fact that it is important for the victims of the Shilla Zen and the common people, but I hate to see you. When many reporters will be there, too. You're thinking a lot.

Dong Hoon Han: I have no idea where Yoo Si-min did or what he did. Such a politician... He is not a politician, but he is not a politician investigation.

Dong-jae Lee: In the end, I wouldn't have paid 30 million won for a lecture. It's funny to see such things once, oh, once in a while, channel A has such a video, VIK as a support video. 

Dong-Hun Han: Anyway, it is important to pinpoint financial crimes. That's the priority.

Lee Dong-jae: What is this? Decentralized criminal justice procedures.

Dong-Hun Han: What other press releases have you released?

Lee Dong-jae: Decentralized criminal justice process.

Donghoon Han: What are you talking about?

Junior reporter: Samsung Electronics' communication team has entered the position. Should I post it? In the legal team's room.

Lee Dong-jae: B○○?

Junior Reporter: Yes,

Lee Dong- jae: Put it up

Lee Dong-jae: (Reading the press release) "There was a lot of controversy over neutrality and objectivity, and there were not a few cases where innocence was condemned due to the issue of evidence and law." Dong-Hun Han: So it comes out like this. You might have been hit by a lot of propofol, but if you come out like that, it's not appropriate to prove it.


Dong -jae: Proposal is also a propofol, but it is a decentralized criminal justice process... Han Dong-hun: What is △△△?


Dong-jae: The more you read this, the more paragraphs you will read... Han Dong-hun: Oh, I don't want to read it. Let me know if you have anything interesting to read. No need to read. No, it's sent by several people.

Dong-Hun Han: It's △△△. G○○ do it. Either with the former president. No, A○○ is really exciting.

Lee Dong-jae: No, I think I want to try everything that comes to my mind.

Dong-Hun Han: Can you think of this in your head? H○○, F○○, what are you talking about? Then, as soon as A○○ suddenly comes in, how do you pick up and say hello? Of course it is over there.

Lee Dong-jae: I think ○○○ sees it very well. If you're writing while you're outside, it's just a puppet.

Donghoon Han: Puppet. You just need to face yourself in the newspaper. You're just talking when you're not ready. You are making nonsense. You almost say something like the late 1800s. I think it's very cool.

Lee Dong-jae: What should I do if this changes to the real government? They're all made by themselves, and they're going to be hit. I don't know what you think.

Dong-Hun Han: △△ △△ △△ Is that it?

Lee Dong-jae: In the past, when I was investigating comments. When I was investigating comments in 2013, I was also the Minister of Justice J○○. Minister J○○.

Dong-Hun Han: I haven't done this. When you bring your opinion, it's tumbling and tumbling. I haven't done this.

Lee Dong-jae: At that time, A○○ did the comment investigation chairman. Time is spinning.

Dong-Hun Han: It was a person like this at that time, and still a person like this.

Lee Dong-jae: So when writing an article these days, when the investigation is just going back, it's a painful day every day. Conflict between who and who.

Donghoon Han: Well, just use it plainly. And just discuss in a third place. The third revealed the doctor who opposes the horns and the sword to the president. What's the third proposal. Where is the third proposal?

Lee Dong-jae: Because the Ministry of Justice is not talking about today, I'm going to Busan...

Donghoon Han: △△△△ Really. I just told you not to come. What are you talking about? No, I haven't told you in advance. It was the △△ △△ that I said something with the president by putting a line of something.

Junior reporter: I tried to talk.

Donghoon Han: △△△△ Really. Then there is a lot of time, but why didn't I talk in advance? You should be embarrassed. In this case, prosecutors are guaranteed to do well. Don't be whining. After all, I can't help it from prosecutors. △△△△ can't be helped What can't be helped. You're guaranteed a status, so you don't live inspirational sound forever? Why △△ △△ are whining. Whether it is total or △△ like K○○. 

Lee Dong-jae: No, L○○ thought it was different from M○○.

Dong-Hun Han: It's similar. Dong-jae Lee: At that time, there was a day when A○○ was bullshit. Because A○○ is △△. I kept interrupting myself in the middle.

Dong-Hun Han: It's not cool to talk about yourself. It's not like that.

Lee Dong-jae: Yes, anyway. N○○ Did you feel okay with the prosecutor and the president?

Dong-Hun Han: That's it, that's just a chief of staff. The chief will stop if the boss doesn't.

Lee Dong-jae: I was wondering if you did the job properly.

Donghoon Han: I don't know. I'm not very interested.

Dong-jae Lee: Actually, I think you can understand this by doing only such powerful things.

Dong-Hun Han: Sillazen was so surprised that he was increasing (the number of investigators) in the Ministry of Justice. What is that? Why do I have to release a press release saying that I haven't put it into Sillazen? It's cute. True people. I have to catch the bad guy. I'm not getting paid to do that.

Junior reporter: All four of the president's selections go to Lime, and aren't the original ones focused on Sillazen?

Lee Dong-jae: Right.

Dong-Hun Han: You just need to stay a little longer.

Lee Dong-jae: How many people have entered the Shilla Zen? I didn't know closely, but Dong-hoon Han: I think it's just 3 people, 4 people.

Lee Dong-jae: Can you do that much?

Dong-Hun Han: I need to increase it. Shilla Zen was surprised at the Ministry of Justice. Why are you surprised? Why should I be surprised? He said he wasn't involved. It's not a political thing.

Lee Dong-jae: It's a common-agency case.

Donghoon Han: Right. Why is it that 9% of people fall out of the day just by saying that they have been put into Shinragen? Then it's a week. Operation day and night.

Dong-jae Lee: Actually, there was something you said at that time, and I uploaded it to the company. Now I'm trying to check on the Justice Department, and the Justice Department is making some nonsense explanations about it, so you're a bit silly in your play. In doing so, she does it.

Donghoon Han: They can't play.

Lee Dong-jae: Even after investigating Sillazen, do you think that people like this will be the mainstream and will not come out later?

Dong-Hun Han: The celebrity is... Dong-

Jae Lee: Yoo Si-min will leave the country around the end of the month. He said he would study like this.

Donghoon Han: I'm not interested. It's been a long time since he was exposed. Compare the current status of Yu Shimin and the weight of a horse at this time of year.

Lee Dong-jae: Who are you, O?? Level.

Dong-Hun Han: It's not below R○○.

Lee Dong-jae: Actually, the fact that we do P○○ (the junior reporter) in particular these days is very low. (I can't hear it overlapping) Lee Dong-jae: I'm looking for Lee Chul's apartment.

Donghoon Han: That's worth doing. Anyway, Yoo Si-min also blew up. I think it will come out. First, the paper starts to blow.

Lee Dong-jae: Lee Chul, Q○○, R○○. I actually wrote a letter to prison. Anyway, they'll throw you all away. Dong-Hun Han: You just have to do one thing while doing that.

Lee Dong-jae: If you leave the office in 14.5 years, you will be eight-soon.

Junior reporter: I am trying to find my family.

Lee Dong-jae: When I saw the house, I bought 10 of them in Yangju and Uijeongbu in the past.

Junior Reporter: You could just find your wife. Dong-Hun Han: Where are you now? It shouldn't be where you're going.


Dong- jae: First of all, write a letter to the detention center... Han Dong-hoon: No, not now. Now here.

Lee Dong-jae: Oh now. I just arrived and I just came. There will be a cafe nearby.

Donghoon Han: I have to go now.

Dong-jae Lee: Anyway, I'll see you again at 2 o'clock. Dong-hun Han: What are you just shaking hands to take a photo of? Lee Dong-jae: I will contact you once in March through P○○.

Junior reporter: I'll visit you then. Thank you.