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night, a large explosion occurred at a chemical manufacturing plant in Incheon. One person was killed and seven were injured.

Reporter Yoon-Ha Cho said that the explosion was quite large at the time of the accident.


Yes, I'm at the scene of the accident, but behind me, it's not easy to get to the scene because the police line is struck.

However, I could see that some parts of the factory wall collapsed, as it showed shock at the time.

Around yesterday (21st) at 8:50 pm, a big explosion occurred at a chemical manufacturing plant in Seo-gu, Incheon.

Along with the explosion, some of the walls of the factory collapsed, and the first stage of response was initiated by the entire fire department.

The accident killed one in eight workers who were working at the time of the explosion, and seven others were injured, two of them injured.


Reporter Joe, one worker who died was discovered at dawn after a night search?


Yes, it is. Immediately after the accident, the injured were immediately transported to the hospital, but one worker at the factory was still undiscovered, so the fire department searched overnight.

After searching, some bodies were found in the warehouse of hazardous chemicals inside the factory at dawn.

Fire officials are investigating the cause of the accident as workers report an explosion while carrying hydrogen peroxide from the tanker.

At around 8:00 am, related organizations such as fire department and police will gather to identify the exact cause of the accident and will jointly conduct an identification.