It has been six months since today (20th) since the first corona was confirmed in Korea. We want to point out how the six months so far have changed our lives. In today's first order, let's take a look at the increased anger and disgust in our society.

Reporter Choi Jae-young.


[Last May, Incheon lecturer'Lies': Mr. A was falsely consistent with the epidemiological investigation by the health authorities. Hide the status of a lecturer... .]

looking angry,

[A/subway passengers (24th of last month, mask runner on subway line 7): tell me to get off.]

[ Mr./subway passengers (on the 24th of last month, subway runners on mask line 7 on the subway line): I go straight to the mask I was only asked to put it up.] I can't stand


[Last March, a violation of self-containment rules: a 20-year-old who was convicted and quarantined at a life care center sneaked out of the facility yesterday afternoon.]

I hated someone.

Professor Myung-Soon Yum's team at the Graduate School of Public Health at Seoul National University looked at changes in public sentiment since Corona.

In the past six months, the anxiety caused by Corona 19 was the greatest, and it was found that the'anger' increased over time.

This anger, I'm good, but the character of reprimand is why you can't do it right.

[Yoo, Myung-Soon/Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University: (I) Wearing a mask and washing my hands too hard, I have to do all the same, but there is a great feeling of anger towards a minority who does not follow the rules, a feeling of disappointment, It can lead to feelings of upset.]

Anxiety and anger entangled each other and spread to disgust.

[(On the Internet)'This is not a Coupangman, but a germman, those people'. ]

In May, I was criticized just because I was working in Coupang.

[Coupangman: You're wearing a coupang uniform. Then, if I'm on the elevator, people will come and don't just come. Don't ride on the elevator


[Lee Jong-Geul/Corona Sex Minority Countermeasures Activist: It's like hate crime. Actually. Throw eggs at the club or lacquer them at the front door... .] In the

past six months Corona has hit self-containment offenders, door-to-door sellers, and Kupangman, hatred has moved along a certain group of confirmers.

[Hong Sung-soo/Professor of the Faculty of Law, Sookmyung Women's University: Disgust and discrimination have spread and amplified in the corona phase. (Now) Corona doesn't have a special solution. In this situation, people keep looking for victims. In

order to overcome Corona19, which is showing signs of prolongation, it is necessary to reflect on the lessons of the past six months that trust and cooperation with each other actually helps rather than hate against the socially disadvantaged.

(Video coverage: Lee Byeong-ju, video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Hong Sung-yong, Choi Jae-young, Lee Ye-jung) 

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