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relation to the former Mayor Park Won-soon's case, the police are planning to investigate the Seoul gender issue this week. It is likely that you will be asked when, when you heard rumors about sexual harassment, and to report to Mayor Park, and what kind of talk came at the countermeasure meeting.

Reporter Kim Sang-min reports.


On the afternoon of the 8th, the day before former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon died, Seoul's gender advisory was known as the first person to convey the rumors of sexual harassment suspicion to Mayor Park.

That night, it was reported that some Seoul city officials, including Mayor Park Jeon, also attended a countermeasure meeting held by some Seoul officials.

Although Lim had not responded to the police investigation for personal reasons, it was confirmed that he announced his intention to attend the police this week after a certain coordination.

A police official said, "There is also a possibility to investigate a special report from a third place, not a police station."

The police will first investigate the circumstances and the exact point in time when Lim received a rumor about Mayor Park.

In addition, during the countermeasures meeting held at the diplomatic mission, we plan to check what kind of conversation we had with participants such as Mayor Park, and to what extent we knew about the facts of sexual harassment.

Police officials are accelerating the investigation into suspicions that Seoul officials have tolerated and helped sexual harassment of Mayor Park.

The police will investigate the staff of the secretary's office on the 6th floor of the city hall as a reference, yesterday (18th), and plan to call and investigate Seoul officials one after another this week.