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government announced measures after 34 workers returned from Iraqi construction sites to confirm corona19 after the second day. It is about entering a charter from next week to enter the remaining people.

Kwak Sang is a reporter.

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situation in Corona 19 has become more serious and confirmed over 2,000 people a day for the past 8 consecutive days.

The aftermath of the trip to Korea was also confirmed by 34 Korean workers returning from Iraq yesterday (16th) and two days before yesterday.

These are field workers in Karbala, Iraq, and 105 of the 680 Koreans returned home.

Earlier, at the Karbala site, a Korean worker was confirmed and is being treated locally, and construction has been suspended since last week.

[Kwon Joon-wook/National Health Research Institute: I think that there was no such thing as a fever test before boarding… .] As

concerns over the immigration process grew, the government decided to open a charter next week to transport special workers to Iraq.

Instead of returning to Korean residence immediately after returning home, they will be self-contained in a separate facility.

In addition, in connection with the worsening of the Corona 19 situation worldwide, he said he would provide medical and counseling support through face-to-face treatment at overseas construction sites.

Among them, yesterday, the number of newly confirmed corona19 in Korea was 60, and 21 outbreaks in the community and 39 inflows from overseas were tentatively counted.

The number of confirmed cases of community outbreaks rose to 20 again in five days, but the number of overseas outbreaks was nearly twice as high.