"If someone has to die, that's me." This was the cry of courage that motivated little Bridger Walker on July 9 to save his sister from the bites of a rabid dog . At just six years old, he stood between his sister and the pooch's load, grabbing his hand and running to keep him safe.

As a consequence, he was bitten several times in the face and head by the German shepherd. The dog took advantage to attack while Bridger protected his sister. Then he grabbed onto the little boy's cheek and didn't let go, and the same thing happened with his head. An act of bravery that has ended up costing Bridger 90 stitches .

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Her story has gone viral when she was posted on Instagram by her aunt Nikki, who has commented that Bridger is already resting at home and with "very good humor". The little one has some discomfort, and now he cannot smile, but the comments on the network referring to him as a hero have made him "happy".

Superhero challenge

Now the challenge that her aunt Nikki has posed on social networks is that the other superheroes, the ones we see in the Marvel movies , know the case of the brave Bridger: "We want all the other superheroes to know about this last hero who joined to their ranks. "

And the truth is that some have already answered. Actor Chris Evans , known for playing Captain America in the Marvel world, was the first to send a video to the family showing his amazement: "Dude, you're a hero."

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