Yu-jeong Yoo (37), who was arrested and charged with murdering her ex-husband, was sentenced to imprisonment in the appeals court.

The 1st Criminal Justice of the Gwangju High Court (Judge Jeong Jeong-ok, Chief Justice of the Court of Justice) sentenced Yu-jeong, who was sentenced to arrest for alleged murder, body damage, and concealment in the court of appeals held today (15th) at 201 am. I did.

The court said, "The victims intentionally committed crimes by inducing the victims of their former husbands with the right to interview and killing zolpidems and destroying and hiding the body." However, the accused murdered the victims by attempting to sexually assault them. He denied the crime as an excuse, so a medium sentence is inevitable."

The court said it was sentenced to the same sentence as the centrifugal, taking into account the serious violation of life, the cruel way of committing, and the suffering of the surviving victims.

As with the first trial, the court did not approve of allegations of murdering stepchildren for reasons of lack of motive for killing and insufficient evidence.

In the case of the murder of the stepchildren, the court explained that the evidence presented by the prosecutor could not prove that the accused had committed the crime, so he judged him innocent.

Going into the courtroom wearing a mask and hanging loose hair on one side, Mr. Go looked calm with his head down during the trial.

A light green hair had a black hair comb in the left breast pocket.

In an hour-long trial, Mr. Ko never turned his attention to the auditorium.

Mr. Go went to court when the judge sentenced him to imprisonment, which is the same sentence as the centrifugal, without any further agitation.

Mr. Ko's current husband left the courtroom just before the judge was acquitted of his stepchildren's case.

In addition, the trial court added a confiscation sentence to the vehicles and tools used by Mr. Go in committing the crime.

Yoo Jung-jung was accused of killing and murdering her ex-husband Kang Mo (37) at a pension in Jocheon-eup, Jeju City, between 8:10 and 9:50 pm on the 25th of last year. ) To the trial.

Mr. Ko was also charged with killing his ex-husband and his stepchildren.

The prosecution climbed behind the back of his stepchildren (5), who had been sleeping at his home in Chungbuk, from 4 to 6 am on March 2, last year. I concluded that I murdered by pressing hard.

The prosecution earlier sentenced the death penalty to be the same as the first trial decision in the appeal trial decision, saying, "The defendant Yu Jeong-jung committed an anti-human crime against the son in front of his son and the father (current husband)." .

(Photo = Yonhap News)